Om Edibles is an all-female run collective dedicated to providing the highest quality edibles, tinctures, body & bath products to the State of California. Established in 2008, Om holds the firm belief that one’s medicine is only as good as the ingredients that are used. When Cannabis is combined with other healing herbs and superfoods, its medicinal value is greatly increased. Om products are consistently healthy, effective, and enjoyable. Om Edibles™ provides safe access for California medical patients and adult users 21 and up, in compliance with H.S.C. 11362.5, California Proposition 215, and Proposition 64.

As with any medicine, please consult with your physician and local bud-tender before using any Medical Cannabis.

Om Edibles Jems 

Each hard candy jem contains 5 mg of THC. Enjoy as a candy or lozenge or feel free to drop into a beverage. Just stir to dissolve.

10mg THC (5mg each)

Om Edibles Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Lightly flavored & colored, our Cannabis infused olive oil may be enjoyed hot, cold, or even topically. Add the desired serving to a finished meal or bake & cook with it. We ask that temperatures of 375oF & microwaves be avoided.

(2oz) 100mg THC

Om Edibles Treehuggers 

Almonds, hemp seeds and pecans coated with the perfect sweetness. Flavored with cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup, they are delicious and much healthier than the average edible. Enjoy as a snack or topping.

(4oz) 100mg THC

Om Supermood Raw Cacao 

Enjoy our delicious raw chocolate any way your imagination will allow you. If making a drink, add the desired amount of chocolate to 4-6 oz of warm milk, water or milk alternative. Simply mix and enjoy. Made with raw, organic and fairtrade cacao. Avoid over heating or boiling the cacao to preserve its living goodness. If melted in excessive heat, a natural separation may occur, stir to reincorporate.

(4oz) 80mg CBD:4mg THC

Om Edibles Lion Balm Healing Topical

Cannabis & essential oils come together with shea butter, cocoa butter & bees wax to bring long lasting relief. Apply where neededand please avoid contact with eyes, lips, open wounds & intimates. For external use only.

(0.5oz) 25mg THC / (4oz) 200mg THC

Om Body Icey Stick Pain Liniment

This liniment has a cooling & numbing e ect. Apply liberally & avoid contact with open wounds, lips, eyes, & intimates. For external use only.

100mg THC:100mg CBD

Om Body Bath & Body Oil 

Available in: Lavender, Rose Geranium, Fragrance-Free

Sun grown Cannabis flowers come together with skin nourishing oils to moisturize, heal and soothe the body, face and scalp. Enjoy as a massage oil, a daily moisturizer, a treatment for dermatological issues, or added to any bath. This oil may also be used with a partner but please understand that it is not latex safe. If adding this oil to your bath, be cautious getting in and out of the tub as it may be slippery.

(2oz) 100mg


Om Body Bath Soaks

Available: Lavender, Rose Geranium, Athletic, Lemon Ginger Eucalyptus, Fragrance Free

Cannabis + Hydrotherapy = Magic. Enjoy deep mental and physical relaxation along with the healing benefits of Cannabis without the “high”. Cannabis & essential oils work together to lift depression and anxiety while helping to alleviate inflammation, pain, and dermatological imbalances. Feel free to leave the oils on your skin and hair overnight for added benefit.

(6.5oz) 25mg THC

Om Elixirs Daytime Multi-Herb Tincture

Available in 2 strengths: 150mg THC & 990mg THC

Cannabis, Echinacea & Ginger come together to alleviate pain, support the immune system and stimulate circulation & digestion. Our multi-herb, alcohol-free elixir may be enjoyed as it is or added to the hot, cold, or sparkling beverage of your choice.


Om Elixirs Nighttime Multi-Herb Tincture

Available in 2 strengths: 150mg THC & THC 990mg THC

Cannabis, Lavender & Chamomile come together to alleviate pain, relax the nervous system, calm digestion & gently help with sleep. Our multi- herb, alcohol-free elixir may be enjoyed as it is or added to the hot, cold, or sparkling beverage of your choice.


CBD Elixir 

Our alcohol-free elixir may be enjoyed as it is or added to the hot, cold, or sparkling beverage of your choice. Each 1ml dropper full is approximately 5mg of activated, Cannabis derived, CBD.

(1oz) 150mg CBD: 8mg THC