With Chil, there are no surprises.  Chil is the result of five years of hard work to:
*   Recruit the industry’s leading scientific experts to make the highest-quality edibles and vaping products;
*   Source only the purest THC/CBD
*   Use natural ingredients in all products – from flavor, to color, and even terpenes.
*   Create products that taste great and deliver a consistently enjoyable experience.

Life’s better when you Chil.

Fire OG

Potent, good looking, great smelling with an even better taste—it’s no wonder Fire OG is preferred by those looking for an uplifting and euphoric Chil.

Fun Fact: Many debate to this day whether OG is a reference to its “ocean-grown” roots or a nod to the “original gangsters” of hip-hop who love it so–we’re looking at you Snoop.

Mandarin Haze

Cultivated from tropical strains by the “Haze Brothers” in the wilds of California, this powerful sativa hybrid hits you like a tall refreshing glass of orange juice, complete with freshly squeezed undertones. A great way to jumpstart a day of creativity or chil out on a lazy Sunday.

Fun Fact: Mandarin Haze is a great medicine for microdosing. In small doses, this strain will help sharpen, rather than dull the senses.

Purple Punch

Get ready for the feel-good potent grape knockout that follows every hit of Purple Punch. This Indica dominant strain will have your taste buds against the ropes, chil’n you first between the eyes and then working its way down your limbs.

Fun Fact: A combination of frozen grape slushy and a berry filled donut, Purple Punch is a deliciously decadent choice, even if you haven’t had your supper.

Pineapple Jack

Named for legendary marijuana activist Jack Herer, this citrusy sativa is as smooth and uplifting as the man himself and has won more High Times Cannabis Cups than any other strain.

Fun Fact: Jack Herer was a rabble-rouser, fighting throughout his life for decriminalization of cannabis and ran twice for President of the United States of America

Sour Apricot

What happens when you mix the uplifting high of Sour Diesel with the deep body relaxation of OG Kush? You get Sour Apricot, the heavy-hitting, rib-tickling, couch-locking strain.

Fun Fact: In NYC, “diesel” was code for good weed. According to a long-time grower, the term diesel was simply slang for kind bud before it became codified as a specific strain.