Carefully Crafted Cannabis Concentrates

At Strong John, they strive to make the most delicious and satisfying products possible. Strong John is proud to capture the full flavor of each unique cannabis flower by pouring their heart into every batch.

Premium Sauce – 501 OG -1g Indica

Strong John loves his OG’s, and this 501 OG doesn’t disappoint. Strong genetics and carefully crafted extraction create an authentic OG experience Connoisseurs crave. Skywalker OG x Rare Dankness #1.

Premium Sauce – Strawberry Bananaz -1g Sativa

This extremely flavorful strain is cultivated with great love and care in Santa Cruz County. A high potency sativa with notes of fresh fruit, this sweet treat is a crowd pleaser sure to help you escape into a tropical paradise.

Premium Sauce – Banjo -1g Sativa

Old school sativa charm with a patented Strong John kick. This purest favorite is strong in pine and earthy notes while still appealing to the cheese & gas lovers. Boost x Tangelo.

Premium Sauce – Mendo Breath -1g Indica

This connoisseur favorite is a sweet and strong indica with rare lineage. This strain’s full body high is a go to for those looking for a great release from long summer days. OGKB x Mendo Montage.

Premium Sauce – Trifi OG -1g Indica

Trifi OG is as close to a perfect pairing as you’ll find. almost perfectly 50/50 Indica sativa, this strain is a perfect choice for those new to cannabis or looking for a day to night strain. Triangle Kush x Fire OG.

Premium Sauce – Tropical Punch – 1g Indica

Tropical Punch is the perfect fruity summer strain. As strong as it is sweet, this terpy treat has hints of berries and is an overall potent punch to the lazy days of summer. Larry OG x GDP.

Premium Sauce – THC Bomb – 1g Indica

THC Bomb is the perfect addition to strong John’s collection of high hitting, terp heavy flavors. This infamous strain is a perfect sativa for daytime adventures or evening shenanigans.