Since Wilfred pulled his first onscreen bong in the 2002 short film Wilfred, audiences could tell this was a dog who knew his weed. So it’s important to Wilfred that his name be associated with only the finest strains of Californian cannabis flower. It’s also why each and every Wilfred Cannabis Pre-roll contains A’s and B’s only. No trim. No seconds. No bullshit. Wilfred Cannabis Pre-rolls is no novelty product. That’s why customers are coming back for more. Wilfred is here for a good time AND a long time.

Sativa Pre-roll Packs (Chemdawg)

Chem Dawg: Once known as “dog bud” because “it was so strong it made you roll over like a dog”, Chemdawg was created from a cross of Kush, Hash Plant and Northern Lights. Testing at 25% THC, this extraordinarily potent sun-grown flower. You’re welcome.

Indica Pre-roll Packs (Nightshade)

Night Shade: A cross between Nepalese and Indian cultivars, this Indica dominant strain produces a long lasting high, perfect for winding down after a long-ass day of human bullshit. Dude, you just can’t go past it. Normally Night shade averages at 22% THC, but Wilfred’s tests at 27% THC. See what we mean? Wilfred ain’t fucking around here.

Hybrid Pre-roll Packs (Blue Dream)

Blue Dream: Originating legendary status in its birthplace in California, this strain provides the body relaxation effect of Indica with the uplifting euphoria of Sativa strains, long lasting symptom relief without heavy sedation. Testing at 26% THC, you may see a pattern forming here, Wifred’s flower will get you very fucking high.